Brave Frontier Unit Help

Brave Frontier characters are referred to as units. These are like what pokemon would be considered. These units are set up to however the gamer chooses. This can mean victory or defeat in some cases. There are some basics when it comes to knowing your units. The first is the element of the units. There are six elements; fire, water, thunder, earth, light, and dark. They are all weak against something and strong against something, so choose your units wisely based on elements. You don’t want a team full of just one element or they might be screwed if the face a battle of their weakness. 




Another attribute to look at is the level of your unit. The level is very important in Brave Frontier hack because it correlates to the stats of your units. So try to level up as much as possible. To level up you must fuse units together and they gain experience to reach the next level. The next attribute is HP, or health points, this is pretty self-explanatory. Units have different starting health points and different ending health points. It’s kind of just luck of the draw when getting new units. Attack is another attribute in the Brave Frontier, which shows how much damage your unit will do. Of course there is defense too, which shows how well your unit can take hits. Both of these are important when making a team. You want a well balanced team or all your units may die to easily or not deal enough damage to kill the opponents. Recovery is the amount of HP and brave burst you get when a unit attacks an enemy. This plays an important role in long quests or if you have run out of health potions. Leadership skill is a certain skill each unit has if they are assigned the role as leader of the group. This is kind of a crap shoot and you will get some good skills and bad skills. Brave burst is like your special attack. You charge it up by attacking the enemy and it is reliant on your recovery since that will make it charge faster. Rarity shows how rare the unit is based on number of stars. Of course you want rare units just like you want shiny pokemon, but they are rare for a reason so good luck finding them! Evolution is a transformation into a stronger unit once your unit reaches its max level. It’s not as cool as pokemon evolutions, but it is still worth it every chance you get. Some zel is required to make the unit evolve though. You can get this from a brave frontier hack. Cost is how many units you can deploy at one time in the group. As you can see planning out which units to use can be a hard task and can take time and practice to find the right team. Good luck on your Brave Frontier journey.